Since 2000 it has been our drive for excellence and quest for higher quality private education that has made us synonymous with academic success. It is our strong belief that everyone should be given a complete education and it is on this note that we strive to provide you with a holistic and total learning paradigm. Our internationally recognized programs have successfully prepared school leavers to continue their desire to pursue higher level of education in reputable universities around the world and to shine in their respective work areas"

The programmes we offer include a myriad of English Language, Diploma in Business Studies and Business Management and Edexcel courses which adhere to the highest quality of education. As a student, the benefit you reap from studying here extends beyond the classroom. You will be in the company of a multicultural mix of students, both Singaporean and international, and this provides an excellent opportunity to be immersed in a highly intellectual environment rich in cultural diversity. You may also partake in an array of activities, all of which aim to develop your individuality and creativity.
At Camford International College, we place paramount importance on knowledge sharing and knowledge management. Our course programmes are on par with global education standards and they provide students with a more cost effective alternative in securing their futures. We strive to continuously upgrade................................[click here for more ]