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Bong said, “If there were no colleges offering courses in Chinese, I believe many people, including myself, would lose opportunities for improvement and would never achieve breakthroughs in their careers. In fact, the knowledge and skills learned, as well as the content taught in English-taught colleges, are the same. It might as well take advantage of the language I am familiar with to improve myself!”

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我很幸运,遇到了很有耐心为我解答疑问和处理报名细节的课程顾问—Aileen老师。也很感谢所有教导过我的老师们!因为每位老师都有不同的教学风格,所以在享受学习的过程中同时也提升我了的应变能力哦~ 让我印象最深刻的是用心尽责的Angie老师,为了让我们可以更快速、深入理解课程内容,她总是花时间准备很多的资料和教材,用尽各种新奇的方式让我们复习考题,帮助我们顺利完成作业和考试。Angie老师让我觉得上课读书,也可以很有趣轻松~!
Ong Chen Wei
参加diploma in business课程对我来说是做的最正确的决定之一。虽然是中文授课,但是在这五个月的时间里我学习到了很多。我从一个不会写论文、不会制作PPT、不会演讲的人,到现在每次的个人演讲考试都能拿到几乎满分的成绩,这对我这个不擅长表达的人来说,真的给了我很大的自信。 我要感谢我身边的同学们,因为有他们我才能顺利地完成每次的论文;我要感谢认真教导我们的老师,更要感谢我的顾问,每一次我遇到不懂的问题向他提问,他都会很细心地为我解答。
Beryl NG
工作了一段时间,有了稳定的经济,觉得可以寻找一个自我提升的方法,希望能够获得更高的准证以及待遇。 幸运的在网路媒体看见CIC, 只需读一个short term ,就可以得到文凭(当然要全部及格,也是要靠自己的努力),而且还是flexible time + 可以回播教学,即使是工作时间长的餐饮行业等,都不会miss 掉任何一堂课, 顺利地学习到每堂课的知识。
Lucas Yeap

Our Members Say

I recently graduated with my OTHM diploma from Camford International College, and I am grateful for my entire study experience. Camford College provided me with more than just an education; it gave me a supportive community and the knowledge that I can carry into my career. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Camford College and my consultant, John, for contributing to my success. I am proud to be a Camford graduate and excited for what comes next.
Nick Phang
Graduating from Camford International College marks a significant milestone on my academic path. The institution’s dedication to adaptability was brilliantly reflected in its well-structured online courses. The engaging nature of the virtual classrooms, the accessibility of resources, and the prompt support from faculty staff greatly enriched my e-learning experience, especially after a long day at work. The assistance from our knowledgeable lecturers and the collaborative spirit among my peers were instrumental in creating a fulfilling educational journey. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Camford community and to now call myself a proud Camford graduate.
Jiahui Chong
Thank you to Camford International College for the outstanding education! The excellent teaching and meticulous service made my learning journey fulfilling. Special thanks to Apple, our educational consultant, for her guidance in every knowledge-packed class. Camford’s unique methods have benefited me, building a solid foundation. Here, I gained knowledge, grew personally, and gained confidence. Thanks again, Camford College!
Susan Tan

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